Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lend a hand, help japan GIVEAWAY!!

i can not even begin to tell you how excited i am about this amazing fundraising giveaway that is happening here on my little ole' blog! NINE amazing, talented, and generous friends have donated some amazing prizes to raise money to help japan recover from the horrible events that took place just two weeks ago!

if you didn't catch my post a few days ago, my niece, jaden, called with a story that broke my heart and hit really close to home. a friend who had spent the beginning of the school year here being a foreign exchange student had just returned home to japan. today her and her family and dog are living in their car. their home and everything in it are completely gone. jaden and her friends are trying to help in any way they can. asking for donations from friends and family and preparing for a bake sale next weekend where all the proceeds will be combined with the money raised here and go straight to the american red cross

so let's talk about the PRIZES!!

jess, at irocksowhat, has recently started creating banners and buttons for blogs and etsy shops and she couldn't be any more successful at it! she has a refreshing, creative, and cool style and there is a line around the block waiting for one of her designs! she works with each customer to create a one of a kind look with amazingly quick turn-around times!

one person will win one custom banner AND button!


ashley, at the peanut gallery, contacted me about contributing and i was thrilled when i went and checked out her etsy shop of the same name! she makes the cutest headbands, bows, and dresses! and even adds the most adorable appliques to organic onesies! 

someone will win one headband from her shop or she will work with you to make a custom one!
mandy from a sorta fairytale is someone i'm so lucky to know in person! and she makes very pretty necklaces too. (let's everyone bug her to open up an etsy shop cuz c'mon, we all need to own one of these in our jewelry collection!)

one winner will receive this very pretty grey flower necklace!
katie is another pretty mama whose etsy/blog i'm glad i've found! i can not get over how adorable her two kids are and im so happy she started blogging recently! katie has lots of fun posts and easy craft tutorials too!! her shop, passive juice motel, is on a little break while she sets up shop at the easter island festival in broken arrow but check back soon!

one lucky winner will receive this peace tshirt! perfect for a little boy or girl!

another talented mama i have the honor to know, chelsey, otherwise known as the paper mama is the coolest thing since sliced bread. she is constantly amazing me with her talents! and she is generously giving away one of the following (winners choice!):

one custom photo manipulation like this one she did of corbin! 
or you could even have one of your photos tattooed!


a custom blog banner and a button!

kaitlin maud has a resume that astounds me! and judging by her experience and website she is very successful at what she does! and who wouldn't like to know how to make their blog or business run more effectively and get more business!?

one lucky winner will receive thirty minutes of social media consulting via phone (or in person if in the boston area)!

when i knew this giveaway was going to happen i wanted to email my pal allie and ask if she still made those adorable booties i remember seeing in the past but she beat me to it and sent me an email offering a pair before i had the chance to ask! don't those tiny little things just make you want to have a freshly baked baby to put them in!?

  someone will win one pair of CUSTOM booties! (age zero to six months)

where do i even begin with this next one!? not only do i love everything about the biz but then she had to go and open up an etsy shop, velveteen with the world's cutest headbands! i don't have one for myself (yet) but i've heard nothing but amazing things about how comfortable, unique, and well made they are! and judging by her one hundred percent customer feedback, i'd say it was true!

one lucky person will win the lovely charlotte headband!

mandey, the mama of two insanely cuuuute twin boys blogs over at mama and the dudes and you can go ahead and add talented to her list of awesomeness! we share a love for curly haired boys too!! her etsy shop, mama mandolin designs, will be restocked with lots of fresh, new items like this necklace april first! so be sure to check back then!

one winner will receive this fabric knot necklace!

so how do you enter to win one of these amazing items?

just click the donation link below and donate a minimum of five dollars to lend a hand, help japan!
then come back here and leave a comment letting me know you donated!
one entry per person.
you dont have to have a blog to enter so tell your family and friends!
the nine winners will be chosen at random tuesday, march 28th!


and feel free to grab this button/tweet/blog about this giveaway to help spread the word!!

(donations are not tax refundable. open to us residents only.)


  1. Great cause - super giveaway! I made my donation =)

  2. This is so awesome, Jill! So happy that I could donate! :)

  3. Donated too! You are so amazing for doing this Jill!

  4. donated!! jill you are awesome for this. :)

  5. I made my donation! Thanks for doing this!

  6. Donated! This is so great Jill. You are a sweetheart!

  7. Donated!!! Thank you for sharing. I am going to share this on my blog as well and link back to yours...Melanie givebacktoday.blogspot.com (I found you through thepapermama!!)

  8. I LOVE that you're doing this. My donation is in! :)

  9. love this. this is why i love blogging

  10. thanks for doing this. it's awesome! and i donated!

  11. Fantabulous concept! I gladly donated :)

  12. you are freakin' brilliant!!!!! what an awesome idea. that's why i heart you as big as the sky. you're the bestest. i donated to the cause, and i can't wait to see who wins the prizes. by the way, AMAZING PRIZES from AMAZING PEOPLE!

  13. Beautiful giveaways! Thank you for entering me :)

  14. Such, such a great idea, and lovely giveaways. I just made my donation :)

  15. I love this, Jill! Good work!
    I made a donation!

  16. Donated! And I'd really love a custom blog header!!

  17. My donation is in! Keep 'em coming!

  18. Woohoo my donation is in and I've got the button up and posted it on facebook as well :) I think your niece is strong and amazing little girl for making such an effort to help her friend in Japan.

  19. I totally thought that I donated $10 the first time but when I looked at my paypal, I actually only donated $5! Whoopsies. I donated again. :)


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