Sunday, September 15, 2013

b is for button.

home preschool is going really well so far. we're on to the letter c tomorrow and corbin is doing great. sometimes he fusses a little at the beginning but he always gets into whatever activity is planned for the day. he's not so much into practicing writing but he loves changing our weather chart and anything that involves glue! corbin explored his b basket many times a day and he's even been pointing out the letters we've learned when we're out and about. 
this week we went to the beach and had story time on a tugboat too!!
really proud of my little boy!

i love this picture with my whole heart.

bed time can sometimes be the most frustrating time of the day. i'm ready to go unwind downstairs to spend time with ryan or to just go to sleep and these two won't settle down. i've been trying to just go with it because moments like this picture usually come out of it. my two kids acting like the best of friends. making each other laugh, hugging, and kissing. things that don't happen too often during the day when layla wants to act like king kong all over the line of trucks corbin has spent time lining up so perfectly.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

a is for apple.

favorite color: green
favorite food: strawberries
what do you want to be when you grow up: work at the husky store. 
(his dad has a second job there.)

we're starting easy. he's not much into doing anything other than playing trucks/cars/planes but did really well in our set "school" time today while sister napped with promises of play-doh after. a letter a week is what we're starting with and we'll see where that leads us.  

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