Sunday, August 18, 2013

corbin's fourth birthday celebration!

we had the funnest time celebrating corbin's fourth birthday. he started the day with his special requested birthday breakfast of lucky charms, a cereal i never usually let him have. i let him fill his bowl as much as he wanted, he ate all the marshmallows, and then told me his tummy hurt. haha then we were off to beedee and papa's house for some present opening before we headed to fox hollow farm. except corbin was so into playing with all his new toys we never made it that far. he was more than okay with that though.
 his other request was to have a root beer float at xxx root beer drive in so at dinner time we headed there for some greasy food and root beer floats! i'd heard they do a fun celebration for people's birthdays so i was even more excited about his choice but when the time came and our waiter came and scooped corbin up and took him to the front of the restaurant and started decorating him he kinda lost it. afterwards he told us he thought the waiter was taking him. so sad. poor kid is learning about strangers and even though we were all RIGHT THERE the thought was in his mind. made for some funny (after the fact) pictures.

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