Monday, October 08, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [10.07.2012]

"goo!" washing his breakfast dishes. yes, he did use a pumpkin gut scooper to eat cereal!
trying on his halloween costume! goof troop!
dressed and ready for the pumpkin patch with our friends merissa and harper!!
pumpkin patch pictures! when he got in the car to leave he said, ::sigh:: "that was a long day. i want to go back again and again and again". 
"my favorite color is green sooooo i want a green pumpkin!" beautiful sunset on a family walk.
watching more business of being born while the bebes nap.
happy face! grumpy face!
decorating the house for halloween and hanging up a spooky hand print spider to scare daddy. 
watching brother play in his construction zone!!
what are these little white things attached to the end of my legs!? 
hahaha wearing corbin! we were cracking up!
my pumpkins ready for bed!! happy punkin.
target is two minutes from our house now! 
i love this breakfast bar in our house. corbin sits up here and helps me cook all the time! bubble blower!
big yawn! "GOAL!"
i could stare at her allllll day! 
so excited to be at the screening of birth story: ina may gaskin and the farm midwives!!
trying to figure out what to wear today. "driving with muh butt!"
squished! girl talk while brother naps.
"i'm gettin' tired mama." mom life.
how he stays entertained during lunchdinner with grandpa don and aunt patty!

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