Monday, October 15, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [10.14.2012]

 nursing the peach. oh hi, i'm cute.
 so pretty! sweetie pies!
 washing his hands after using the bathroom. smiley stretch!
 falling asleep HOLDING HANDS! she's a silly one.
 not impressed with the taste of her fingers. laughing at grammy playing with slime!
 "i'm paintin' dis punkin and doin' gweat!"
 the prettiest two month old peach!
 menchies date! he told that girl at the chalkboard, "hi. i'm corbin. i'm six. my favorite color is green!"
 all about nommin' her hands lately. playing in homemade gingerbread play-doh!
 when i posted this on instagram i was all, "it's tuesday night and i don't feel like cooking dinner" but it was really wednesday. MOM BRAIN! 
corbin asked me to take a picture of him and his friends and when i showed him he said, "awww cute!"
 sleeping in! two minutes later... wide awake and smiley!
 crafting cute things for layla's bedroom! 
i'm sending him to join the circus! he can jump on one foot and clap AT THE SAME TIME!
 he likes to play fetch. papa put pumpkins in our garden and corbin thought they really grew!!
 i'm the luckiest mom in the world! they are my favorite!!
 "mama, open the door. i wanna go get a drink!" 
this took fifty minutes but i love when they fall asleep together.
 fast as lightening! he had a harder time staying on task at soccer practice inside the gym as you can see.
 i absolutely love his imagination! he's playing football. i'm the ref. those lids are the "line of scwimage". i'm using a pillowcase as a whistle and a big blanket for an even louder whistle. and a baby wipe as a flag. peter pan is watching and is his biggest fan! (but really i am!) and corbin's halloween headquarters 2012!
 finally able to splash in rain puddles again! second menchie's date of the week. 
how we roll thru target! and playing following the leader!
she's THEE sweetest little girl on the planet! all corbin's people!

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