Monday, September 17, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [09.16.2012]

again all out of order. 
 playing at the park after soccer practice. white boy can jump!
 big girl! brother brought her a flower!!
 rental house shopping. we think this is THE ONE! (fast forward to the future: it is!) smooch!
 chuck-e-cheese because our power is out and it was beedee and papa's potty present to him!
both napping. i win!
 sleepy girl in a cute outfit! vogue!
 slurpee treat after soccer. we found an old train set at nanas!!
 watching football with dad. soccer practice!
 corbin said, "when you're a little bigger you can play with me baby layla" and then she smiled like this!
first trip to chuck-e-cheese! haha
 saturday morning hot air balloon sighting in our backyard! 
big boy snoozes on mommy!
 taking over our bed! peeing in his potty in the back of the car calls for safety goggles!
 sleepy heads. 
my mom bought layla a doll and corbin snuggled and nursed and threw it in his basketball hoop all day!
 wonder what she's dreaming about... silly faced baby!
 three am smiles! him: whatcha doin baby layla?! look at this! do you like this song? watch! her: help!!
 i'm the luckiest mom in the whole world! homemade pizza night!
 chocolate pudding high! so. many. chins.
soccer saturday! 
chopping down the tree in our front yard. don't worry he always plants a seed for a new one to grow! :)

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