Saturday, October 06, 2012

layla's birth story

layla elizabeth honeysett
august 9, 2012
7 lb, 4 oz 19.5 inches long

her story begins wednesday, august eighth at four pm when i started having contractions every ten to fifteen minutes apart. i had been nervous about my body actually going into labor on it's own since i was induced with corbin but i quickly realized these felt nothing like braxton hicks and my memory of what contractions felt like instantly came back and i knew these were the real thing. starting and stopping with a peak in the middle. i never thought i'd be the one writing a birth story about how i continued to go about my day. ryan was working his first day at his new job that afternoon and corbin and i spent time after his nap cooking dinner, playing together, and eventually going about our regular bedtime routine. it was at about that time (eight pm) that i could no longer manage the contractions without breathing through them and they started to last anywhere from forty five seconds to a minute and were coming every three to five minutes.

i tried putting corbin to bed that night. i knew it might be the last time i snuggled him to sleep as my only child.  but timing my contractions was too distracting for him and he must have known something was happening because he wouldn't fall asleep. but he didn't want to sleep with ryan either so we battled on and off for the next two hours. ryan laid with him while i tried to stay close by quietly managing the contractions on my own. i felt bad that this was how we were spending our last night together as a family of three but i also felt selfish and just wanted corbin to go to sleep so ryan could come help me deal with the painful contractions coming every few minutes. at ten o'clock i decided to call my midwife and let her know what was happening. she told me i knew my body and that if i felt like i should come in, then do it! so we called ryan's mom to come over and watch corbin, grabbed our already packed bags, kissed our sweet little boy who was about to become a big brother goodbye, and drove the forty miles to the birth center.

although the drive there was pretty uncomfortable, it wasn't as awful as i had pictured in my head when we chose the birth center at the beginning of the pregnancy. i may have yelled at ryan to drive faster a time or two (or three or four) though and made him rub my stomach during each contraction. i didn't admit it to him until after that i could feel the baby's head moving down with each contraction. i don't think i wanted it to be  true. a freeway baby wasn't in my birth plan!

when we arrived at the birth center it was 11:45 and the tub was already full of warm water (thanks to a phone call on our way to my midwife from my husband) and after undressing and dealing with two contractions i hopped in and let the water take the edge off my pain. i thought i'd felt the urge to push while in the midst of those two previous contractions but my mind also couldn't comprehend being THAT far along already. but when i got in the tub i couldn't deny that i was indeed ready to push! my water broke in the tub and i was a little startled by the sudden pop! feeling. i was at the birth center for barely thirty minutes and pushed for eleven of those and at 12:15 on august 9th, layla elizabeth entered this world! i scooped  her up and snuggled her on my chest and couldn't stop saying how pretty she was even though i hadn't even checked to see if she was in fact a girl. like corbin, i just knew by the look of her face. we layed there together in the tub for a long time and eventually ryan cut the cord and took our little peach to snuggle skin to skin on him while i quickly showered and got into bed to nurse her and get stitched up.
it wasn't very long after she was born that our family started showing up to meet the newest member of the family. corbin was interested right away and just like that we were a family of four.
after everyone got a chance to meet layla and give her a snuggle the midwife did midwife things and weighed and measured her and ryan was able to get her dressed for the first time while i ate something.
the next couple hours went by so quickly. all of a sudden it was four am and we were packing up the car and getting ready to head home. corbin had stayed up the entire night with us and was so well behaved despite his complete lack of sleep. when we got in the car to go home he whined for a second that he wanted "that baby to go in the back of the car" but quickly fell asleep and immediately asked about where she was the next morning when he woke up! i still can't believe how perfectly everything went. i loved having it just be ryan and i there for the birth this time but then being able to have the family there to be with us soon after. 


  1. Aw!! This is so sweet!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing Jill! Man second deliveries are way easier! I also enjoyed not being induced this time around!

  3. Such a wonderful birth story! I am in awe when I hear about mamas leaving the birth center mere hours after delivery. I wonder if I will want the same thing this time around (though I will be in a hospital)?

  4. LOVE this. She's such a beauty. This is an awesome birth story!!

  5. How awesome! You are a ROCK STAR.

    I, too, am amazed by stories of women who check out within hours of having their baby. I know it's a natural thing, but as a c-section mama, it blows my mind :)

  6. Congratulations! My little one was birth on 8/9 too :)

  7. eeep! this was beautiful and makes me even more excited for our birth center birth! we're about 40 minutes away too, but my midwives want me coming in pretty immediately just because my labors are so fast and this being #4 might be even faster :)


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