Tuesday, October 09, 2012

layla: two months old.

eleven pounds, twelve ounces. twenty three inches tall.

i'm so behind on these posts! so here is miss two month old layla in bullet points!
she is sleeping great at night. she usually goes to bed anywhere from nine to eleven pm til seven or nine am with only one waking. she's even slept til ten thirty a few days and it's so cute how corbin doesn't realize he has me all to himself to play and will listen to the baby monitor saying she's awake every few minutes.
she could live in the wrap. 
smiles the most!
started kicking her legs and wiggling her arms.
coos a ton!
very aware of new settings.
always wants her mommy.
i'm obsessed with how she smells! 
she reminds me maggie simpson with her binky.
corbin made her laugh in the bathtub. it melts my heart to see them interact!
sounds like a grunting pug when she sleeps! 
all in all, absolutely perfect. all of us are completely in love with her!! 

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