Tuesday, September 04, 2012

potty training.

corbin has recently taken an interest in wearing big kid underwear and using the potty! we are beyond proud of him and he has a whole team of supporters cheering him on! as of today (the list seems to be growing bigger every day!) his reward for using the potty for a week straight (and only wearing diapers at nap and bedtime) are: 

from mom and dad- 
his choice of a bubble blowing lawnmower or shopping cart and a trip to the ikea play place.
from aunt t and cousins demarcus and jaden-
a pee pee party complete with balloons and cake!
from beedee and papa-
a trip to chuck e cheese!
from grammy-
a surprise!!

he's had moments off and on for the past couple weeks where he's wanted to wear underwear and use the potty but yesterday was his first full day of underwear and with a little push from me we're on day two of it. with no accidents i might add!! using diapers for sleeping is turning out to be more of a pain since he doesn't want to go back to underwear sometimes but it's new and he's just trying to get the hang of the new routine. we're even thinking of cutting them out completely once this pack is gone.

i'm actually really surprised he's even taken an interest in it since most everything i read says to not start potty training when there is a big life changing event taking place like a new sibling or moving to a new house but i can't help but follow his lead. plus, changing and buying two kids diapers is getting a little crazy and it's only been a couple weeks!

hopefully i'll be blogging about all his rewards for sticking with the underwear in the next week!!


  1. Good luck, I think he'll hve the hang of it very soon!

  2. Yay Corbin! Just stick with it - Ava has had some regression periods in the past few months, and they always get me down - but aside from a few days where she's had a few accidents a day, she's been fine and dry in panties for months now :) It's a bit of a back and forth at first it seems :)


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