Monday, September 10, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [09.09.2012]

this all out of orderness is driving me mildly crazy BUT i'm behind so here ya go!
 all snuggled in the blanket auntie tonya made her. tmnt sweatshirt came in the mail!!
 looking adorable in the hat from our friends emily and poppy! iron man shopping for laundry detergent.
 brother and sister snuggles. sleeping so adorably, ALWAYS!
 "oh! my! gaaaaawwwwd!" playing soccer with his pal poppy!
 family story time! library snoozer!
 big yawn! bebe snuggles!
 dinner at trader joes! digging for dinosaur bones in the yogurt and learning about dinos.
 looking cute in some hand-me-down jammies! i have the best friends giving us bags of clothes for her!
saturday morning shower!
 couch hangs. froyo date with poppy!
 go huskies!! totally normal to eat breakfast standing up in undies with a bike helmet on!
 big brother shirt!! we started wearing underwear during nap time!
 he's doing great with potty training so we celebrated with froyo! ONE MONTH OLD!!
 the best view! he drove his tractor into his "garage" and then made me pull him all the way home in it! ha
 i need to make dinner but...SNUGGLES! she loves this puppy and smiles and talks to him!
 walking to the library holding hands. super hero, all day every day!
 lazer beams to lsu! goooo huskies! morning snuggles in bed!
 super hero potty trainer! sweeties on the play mat!
 at least one kid is sleeping. tiny dancer! 

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