Monday, September 03, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [09.02.2012]

starting the week off right with cuddles and "this little piggy went to da market!"
just. can't. get. enough!!!
catching falling leaves and taking "a little drive" with cousin jaden down our gravel road!
nothing says happy six year wedding anniversary like eating a picnic lunch with one kid while your husband naps with the other because he's exhausted from working two jobs! we'll take it though! :)
how we shop.
the sweet little peach sure is getting a big belly!
i think there's something on your face corb. 
beedee bought corbin the new pirates movie and it came with a bandana!
soccer shoe shopping and playing at the mall!
testing out his new soccer shoes! kissy lips!!
chubby smiles! and i seriously can't get enough pictures of these two together!!
one evening i was eating dinner and layla was sleeping but corbin really wanted to go outside and play so i told him he could go play in the front yard and i would watch thru the open window. he was so excited for about one minute and then came running back inside and said there was a little monster out there he was scared of. so i scooped up layla and we played soccer with him. unimpressed baby was unimpressed.
always looking for big brother! first day being outnumbered by my kids! things went pretty good!
these pictures of corbin holding layla never ever get old. we're up late watching the hills.
zoo date with cousin jaden!


  1. so, um, i can barely handle all the baby pictures and now i have the baby fever. so adorable!

  2. which mall is that? i am a new follower and i live in seattle! i love the woodland park zoo!


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