Sunday, September 09, 2012

one month old!

somehow i managed to blink and miss layla is one month old already. it's crazy how much she's changed in just thirty short days. i remember time breezing by quickly when corbin was little and i have a feeling things are going to go by even faster this time around. and as much as i want to cherish and hold onto these little baby moments (the way she smells!!!!), i can't help but sometimes wish she was a tiny bit older because i know from experience now just how fun it is to have a giggling little baby who can crawl around and interact with us more. but for now layla mostly spends her time getting lots of beauty sleep. when she's awake she loves to watch her brother play. we spend our days making all sorts of high pitched noises and silly faces trying to get her to smile and we've even heard her sweet voice a few times. she is the most alert in the morning when she first wakes up. must be those five hour stretches of sleep she keeps blessing me with every night! speaking of sleep, she is the loudest sleeper with all her grunting like a little piggy! corbin is absolutely amazing to her. the fact he can love someone so much who gives him nothing back in return makes my heart explode! if he has any fault it's loving and wanting to be around her too much! squeezing her too tight and wanting to rub, errr poke, her face while she's asleep. our little peach is the sweetest, prettiest, most precious little girl ever and she is the absolute perfect addition to our family! 


  1. She is so beautiful! I'm glad things are settling in nicely!!!!! :)

  2. are you gonna have a seperate blog for layla, or keep it all on one? Glad the most part of moving is over, and let me know when you need me to go clean the other house up... I can do that for you on my next 2 days off. You've got your hands full with the 2 kiddos and unpacking and all... so I would be happy to help you out in this way.... love you (4)


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