Sunday, September 30, 2012

brother & sister

our week in iphone pictures [09.30.2012]

 starting our week off with snuggles and helping the directv tech set up our tv.
 and then getting sick. sad face.
 he loves having a sprayer on our new sink! she can stop growing now!!
 silly faced kids.
 poor girl threw up then fell asleep before i could even change her clothes. then we wrote a story about dinosaurs at the pumpkin patch who fly to seattle to go to the airport but get owies. 
 they are almost both smiling!! stop growing big kid!
 smiley peach! hangin' tough.
 checking out our new neighborhood. this little girl followed corbin around all day!
 neighborhood park and the sunset on our way home. so thankful to be able to see these again after living low in a valley for the last three years!
 all dressed up ready for our six week checkup! the birth center has the funnest toys!
 party animal up late. tummy time!
 soccer practice. and then we caught a caterpillar and named him BUGGY!
 definitely adorable! GOAL!!
bathtub buddies. "mama! i'm peein' in baby waywa's bath!"

Monday, September 24, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [09.23.2012]

 excited for a movie date with cousin jaden!
 kid scissors for the paper cutting lover! garden bounty!
 swimming in the tub. fair scones for breakfast!!
 i asked him to pose like a super hero. NAILED IT! starting bathroom selfies early! 
 nana's birthday dinner and a sunset walk on the pier after with beedee and papa!
 wink! wink! big brother can't keep his hands of her.
 ahoy! national talk like a pirate day!!
 tuesday night couch hangs. smiley peach!
grammy paints rocks with shiny nail polish so we can see them after we throw them in the river!
little baby soaking up the sun! 
 thinks she's still in the wrap still. haha jokes on her! wearing brothers old husky hoodie!!
 "but i weally like soda pop! waaaaaah!" signing our rental lease!!!
hanging out in our new house! they both love it!
 moving boxes everywhere!! twin babies! even in the same jammies.
 soccer saturday! and donut treats after.
good night from our new house!! i spent the first night getting most of corbin's room put together for him. he was so excited to see it in the morning!
super excited for my new walk-in closet! panera bread lunch. 
yay for big tubs that fit both kids in it! sibling snuggles.
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