Monday, August 13, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [08.12.2012]

 early birthday present! eating lunch with nana in their fort.
 surprise birthday party to celebrate daddy turning thirty!!
 dad's birthday breakfast at ihop! his first ride (that he didn't cry on! ha) at the king county fair!!
 river hangs.
 fell asleep on mommy's belly. garden goodies!
 forty week midwife appointment! (who knew i'd have the baby later that night!!) playing at the park after.
 tracking contractions while cooking corbin dinner while ryan was at work. no biggie. ;)
and later that night little miss layla was born!!
 sleepy brother and sister. we always joked about if we had a girl version of corbin. and we totally did!
 her nightly "i don't want to wake up and eat" face. snuggled up in my lovey duds wrap.
 little sisters are exhausting.
 big brother presents!! cutie pie!
 spending some one on one time in the dirt with corbin! 
watching tractors at the auburn good ole' days parade.
 because all little sisters love when their brothers stick their pacifiers in their noses...
seriously baby, wake up and eat!! ;)
mommy and corbin snuggles! and a sleepy bebe!

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