Friday, July 20, 2012

the crib is up!

we set up the crib last weekend and seeing it next to our bed every night sure makes this feel real! corbin was the cutest wearing his hard hat and using his tools to help us build it. and there hasn't been a day that's gone by that he hasn't wanted to lay in it and pretend he's a baby or make it into a fort. it took us about nine months to figure out that side-carring the crib to our bed was the best solution for our family's sleep situation with corbin and i'm thankful to have it from the get go this time around. it's perfect because we can all still sleep together but all still have our own space!

in other news, today i am FULL TERM! and to celebrate i woke up with swollen feet. things are definitely moving and shifting and whatever else-ing in there too. i'm pretty sure the baby has flipped back down but i really have no idea. every time i think i know what's poking out of my stomach i feel another movement that makes it confusing again. i can't wait to hear from my midwife what she thinks at my next appointment. let the baby countdown begin!

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