Sunday, July 22, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [07.22.2012]

 finished off the juice so to the grocery store we go! corbin ran around the aisles telling everyone, including his reflection, that he was being a good boy!
 world's most delicious crepes for breakfast and ice cream before dinner!
apples are finally ready on the tree and throwing rocks in the river is a new favorite thing to do!
 dancing like a monster at the not so scary monster music show!
 passed out and the morning snuggles that followed!
 taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror while corbin terrorizes his bookshelf. 
 impromptu trip to kidsquest children's museum and dinner out with cousin jaden!
 THE most delicious cupcake in the entire planet. strawberry cheesecake from trophy cupcake!
and thumbs up to red!
farmer's market saturday. fulfilling my biggest pregnancy craving. and hanging out in fire truck tires!

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  1. This post successfully made me hungry. Yum crepes!


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