Saturday, July 14, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [07.15.2012]

 he rides. i water. every morning. s'mores with papa!
 ninja turtle forts! how he fell asleep to "bigfoot" (what he calls thunder) and lightening!!
 happy happy happy nineteenth birthday cousin d! 
always wanting to feel baby at my midwife appointments!
 uhm, he's absolutely perfect!! playing jake and the neverland pirates. watching out for captain hook!
 watching daddy bat rocks into the river. i was on the other side of him, falling off the bed!
 free slurpee day and a recess monkey concert in the park!
 "mama, i spinnin!" if this jake and the neverland pirates shirt is clean, he's wearing it! for days and days!
 woke up to our power being out sooooo off to starbucks we go! 
sometimes my ideas are just genius. basketball in the car! 
 family bike ride and throwing rocks in the river. perfect summery night!
 "mama, come see!" oh toddlers. picked out a cute sweatshirt that used to be his dad's though! 
 you know you have a toddler when: toilet paper constantly has to 
be re-rolled up and action figures follow you wherever you go!
 said he wanted to go to target for big boy undies!! 
and our weekly farmer's market shave ice! i crave them ALL WEEK LONG!
i wish i had his life!
he never had a blankie or anything as a baby so watching his love for his 
best fwiend peter pan is incredibly sweet!

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  1. Basketball in the car?! Genius!!

    Also? Him falling asleep with his ears covered is ADORABLE!


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