Sunday, July 08, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [07.08.2012]

 banana bites! so much more annoying to make than they look but totally worth it because they are DELICIOUS! and a garden snack. corbin wants nothing to do with peas from the store but snacks on these any time we're near the garden!
 his hair won't go straight even if i tried! cutest post bath time smile!
 "i doin' exercise before bed!" red, white, and blue fruit kabob!
 ran errands and had lunch with beedee and nana and was spoiled with a huge sugar cookie!
 my midwife gave me a a dvd of births from their birth center. two seconds in and i was a sobbing mess. this woman is my hero. she was SO relaxed the entire time! silly business face!
 shining up his spokes for the bike parade he was in the next day. 
hot, uncomfortable, cranky, tired pregnant lady.
 being festive in our red, white, and blue on the fourth of july! corbin before he started the kids bike parade! he refused to wear his helmet or decorate his bike. oh, toddlers.
 another day, another naked pool party. lifestyles of the rich and famous i tell ya.
 waving to all his fans cheering him on after winning a tractor race! little pea picker!
 he finished his very first (veggie) burger and said, "dat's my job!" haha hyper toddler before bed.
 morning scooter sesh in his jammies. chillin in the cart while we buy s'mores essentials!
reading daddy and i bedtime stories. "goodnight baby!"

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