Friday, July 06, 2012

fourth of july!

bike parades and family and fun and bouncy houses and snow cones and corn on the cob and still being a little scared of fireworks pretty much sums up the funnest fourth of july yet! and here are the pictures to prove it! 
{watching fireworks at the horse race tracks}
{kids bike parade through the park}
{most all of corbin's sweet family that came to watch him in the parade}
{he played in this bounce house FOREVER but when i said it was time to get out he came right out!}
{snow cone cheers!}
{making friends wherever he goes!}
{happy to watch them from inside the house.}


  1. Oh man, that second one!! Too funny and cute ;) Y'all seriously look like you're always having the best time, it's so great.


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