Saturday, July 28, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [07.29.2012]

scrub a dub dub! being chased by papa!!
braxton hicks like woah! thankful for toons and snuggles and snacks! story time.
patiently waiting at our weekly midwife appointment. riding in the back of nana's tractor wagon!
headed to the mariner's game! sweet dreams to the little boy who says he doesn't nap on sunny days!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [07.22.2012]

 finished off the juice so to the grocery store we go! corbin ran around the aisles telling everyone, including his reflection, that he was being a good boy!
 world's most delicious crepes for breakfast and ice cream before dinner!
apples are finally ready on the tree and throwing rocks in the river is a new favorite thing to do!
 dancing like a monster at the not so scary monster music show!
 passed out and the morning snuggles that followed!
 taking pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror while corbin terrorizes his bookshelf. 
 impromptu trip to kidsquest children's museum and dinner out with cousin jaden!
 THE most delicious cupcake in the entire planet. strawberry cheesecake from trophy cupcake!
and thumbs up to red!
farmer's market saturday. fulfilling my biggest pregnancy craving. and hanging out in fire truck tires!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

rainy day things.

snuggles and moon dough and umbrellas and baths and forts and our favorite mexican joint!

Friday, July 20, 2012

the crib is up!

we set up the crib last weekend and seeing it next to our bed every night sure makes this feel real! corbin was the cutest wearing his hard hat and using his tools to help us build it. and there hasn't been a day that's gone by that he hasn't wanted to lay in it and pretend he's a baby or make it into a fort. it took us about nine months to figure out that side-carring the crib to our bed was the best solution for our family's sleep situation with corbin and i'm thankful to have it from the get go this time around. it's perfect because we can all still sleep together but all still have our own space!

in other news, today i am FULL TERM! and to celebrate i woke up with swollen feet. things are definitely moving and shifting and whatever else-ing in there too. i'm pretty sure the baby has flipped back down but i really have no idea. every time i think i know what's poking out of my stomach i feel another movement that makes it confusing again. i can't wait to hear from my midwife what she thinks at my next appointment. let the baby countdown begin!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

thirty six weeks!

i have been beyond thankful everything has gone so smoothly this entire pregnancy. with corbin i had an incompetent cervix that had me on bed rest for weeks and preeclampsia that caused me to be induced. i couldn't even imagine having to deal with either of those things while also caring for a toddler. this morning though i woke up and felt baby hiccups at the top of my belly which has left me to believe the baby flipped to head up in the night! all day my stomach has felt so uncomfortable and tight and different body parts are poking out of where they usually do. i have googled the heck out of different ways to get this baby to go back to being head down but i want to check with my midwife before i go getting all crazy about doing them. and i'm trying to reassure myself that my body and the baby will know what to do and it'll work itself out.

other than that, there isn't much to report. i feel uncomfortable and take it pretty easy but i would think that anyone at this stage is feeling the same way. i got away with just a few stretch marks on my sides with corbin but just noticed some fresh, shiny new ones on the bottom of my stomach. womp, womp. 

we have been shopping for little things here and there that we need before baby comes and set up the crib next to our bed! the car seat is washed and ready to go too! it feels so relieving getting all these things checked off our to-do list. pretty soon all we'll need is a baby!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [07.15.2012]

 he rides. i water. every morning. s'mores with papa!
 ninja turtle forts! how he fell asleep to "bigfoot" (what he calls thunder) and lightening!!
 happy happy happy nineteenth birthday cousin d! 
always wanting to feel baby at my midwife appointments!
 uhm, he's absolutely perfect!! playing jake and the neverland pirates. watching out for captain hook!
 watching daddy bat rocks into the river. i was on the other side of him, falling off the bed!
 free slurpee day and a recess monkey concert in the park!
 "mama, i spinnin!" if this jake and the neverland pirates shirt is clean, he's wearing it! for days and days!
 woke up to our power being out sooooo off to starbucks we go! 
sometimes my ideas are just genius. basketball in the car! 
 family bike ride and throwing rocks in the river. perfect summery night!
 "mama, come see!" oh toddlers. picked out a cute sweatshirt that used to be his dad's though! 
 you know you have a toddler when: toilet paper constantly has to 
be re-rolled up and action figures follow you wherever you go!
 said he wanted to go to target for big boy undies!! 
and our weekly farmer's market shave ice! i crave them ALL WEEK LONG!
i wish i had his life!
he never had a blankie or anything as a baby so watching his love for his 
best fwiend peter pan is incredibly sweet!

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