Friday, June 01, 2012

thirty weeks pregnant!

i was thinking about how i'd just go ahead and do one of these updates every ten weeks because that's the rate i seem to be going but OMG i'll more than likely have a baby by then!!

anyways! my most favorite thing about this stage of pregnancy is knowing how the baby is positioned and just what is poking out of my stomach. a couple weeks ago baby started having full on boxing lessons in my stomach and i just wanted to grab that tiny fist and hold it!! i think because i have already given birth to corbin and know what to expect i'm way more prepared and ready for this baby to be here already too. as much as i absolutely love it being just the three of us i see how much corbin loves other kids and can't wait for him to have a full time best friend to play with and always be there.

my only complaint (besides lack of sleep, always being uncomfortable, and having to pee every five minutes-haha) is the amount of weight i've put on this pregnancy. i know it's normal and you are supposed to but i feel like it's getting to an unhealthy level and my body is letting me know it's getting to be too much to handle. although i feel like i'm pretty active chasing corbin around and that i mostly eat healthy, i also never turn down a dessert or fatty starbucks drink! i'm at the same weight now as when i delivered corbin and i still have ten weeks to go! i do a really good job of not bringing junk food in our house but sometimes i just crave a bag of doritos and chocolate chip cookies!! and then i go ahead and just eat them all up. let's just all hope that i lose the pounds by breastfeeding as quickly as i did the last time around!

my midwife appointments have been going really well. at my twenty eight week appointment i passed the glucose test and had a rhogam shot (darn you wonky blood type!). i love not feeling rushed and having lots of time to talk with my midwife about whatever it is i have questions about. corbin was extra cute and funny at our last appointment chatting away with my midwife, holding my hand while we listened to baby's heartbeat, mimicking and laughing at the woman we could hear in labor in the next room, and telling me he drew his baby on the magna doodle in the office.
hopefully i update this again before the baby gets here! i know everyone says it but i seriously can not believe how fast the time is flying by. my nesting instinct is in full force organizing and washing all our gender neutral baby clothes and figuring out a way to fit another person into this tiny house!


  1. this is what i saw while reading this post: "blah, blah, blah... bag of doritos,chocolate chip cookies, blah blah blah..." and now i need a snack. ha! just kidding. i know this stretch of pregnancy is hard but we're so close! hang in there!! :)

  2. Love that dress! Such a pretty, deep color.

  3. It was good seeing you on Friday night. You have a perfect bump. I felt bigger this last time around too, but the weight sorta started leveling off at the end. I think it's because your body has been there done that, I gained the most between weeks 18-32. Anyway, just wanted to say nice to meet you again and hope to see you soon!

  4. ok, what is the secret to getting the ariel belly shot? haha, i suck at it :)

    you look so good but i totally understand about that nagging weight at the end, i gained a lot with rowan and had a hard time with it. sounds like you are doing everything right though! i can't way to see your family grow to four!

  5. pretty sure I am the worst blog friend in history. I want you to know I read EVERYTHING and totally love it! you guys are adorable. Cant wait for baby #2!

  6. So excited for you! Don't worry too much about the weight as long as you're eating healthy - it'll come off, esp. with breastfeeding :) Can't wait to hear what you have, and his/her name!!


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