Wednesday, June 27, 2012

our family babymoon: st. george, utah!

about forty five miles from where we were staying is an adorable town called st. george in utah. it was fun to drive to a new state we've never been to, through a beautiful canyon, and pass into arizona for a few minutes even! we scarfed down smashburger for the first time and then drove around exploring the town.
then we stumbled on a fun spray park and lazy river in the historic town square! we stripped corb down to his shorts and set him loose. i'm pretty sure he would have stayed there playing the entire day if we could have!


  1. Whoa, what an amazing little space in the middle of town! Corbin looks like he's having a ball.

  2. This made me hungry and cold :) What a fun trip!

  3. oh wow! your little boy is precious! LOVE his hair! I just stumbled across you blog but TOTALLY following you now :)


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