Friday, June 22, 2012

a day in the life of us.

i took these pictures over a month ago but never wrote the actual post out so now i don't remember all the cute little things he said or did this day (pregnancy PLUS mom brain is the worst) but i've been wanting to do one of these posts since the last one i did when corbin was six months old and now here it is two and a half years later! i'm SO on top of things i tell ya.
so mornings usually start between eight and nine am. we always snuggle in bed for a while before he gets up and usually heads to his monster trucks and i start making breakfast. this day we had yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit. i'm sure i downed my usual two pieces of honey toast and ate his leftovers too. 
(what? i'm eating for two!)
after breakfast we got ready, grabbed our plastic grocery bag collection to recycle, and headed off to run errands. today was a quick trip to target and then a little time to play at the mall playground after for being such a good boy while i accumulated a cart full of things i'm sure i couldn't live without at the time.
then it was off to meet daddy for lunch!! he got a new job a couple of days a week within the same company he works for now and is closer to home than normal so being able to have lunch with him will be a new, fun treat for all of us! when corbin saw his dad walk into the restaurant he let out the biggest scream of excitement and yelled for him to "come sit here dada!"
chipotle gets two thumbs up from corbin!
after lunch we headed to the grocery store. it's one of corbin's favorite places to go. he loves the free cookie from the bakery lady, driving the car shopping cart, and the peanut butter machine 
(even though it can be "too woud")!
on our way home corbin even saw a tractor plowing a field. because there were no cars behind me i stopped and let him watch it for a few minutes!
after the groceries were put away it was time for a nap. he's the snuggly-est! 
today was a little more exciting than a typical day in our life but up next was dinner at great grammy's with the family to celebrate her being home from her vacation house in nevada for the last few months! cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas, tacos! always a great time!
grammy even pulled out one of her necklaces and did the baby gender test on me. the necklace says "IT'S A GIRL!" haha we'll see...
then it was home for a bath, spider man jammies, teeth brushing, story time, and bed!

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  1. you know what I love about this post most is when you stopped to let him watch the tractor plowing the field - a lot of people wouldn't take much notice of that, but the fact that you stop and enjoy those small moments in life - that could be crucial to his growing never know when he will look back and his life will be changed dramatically because you simply had time to stop and do something small (but huge to him...) love the pics!


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