Wednesday, June 27, 2012

our family babymoon: st. george, utah!

about forty five miles from where we were staying is an adorable town called st. george in utah. it was fun to drive to a new state we've never been to, through a beautiful canyon, and pass into arizona for a few minutes even! we scarfed down smashburger for the first time and then drove around exploring the town.
then we stumbled on a fun spray park and lazy river in the historic town square! we stripped corb down to his shorts and set him loose. i'm pretty sure he would have stayed there playing the entire day if we could have!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

our family babymoon: mesquite, nevada!

after spending the morning in the hotel pool in california we packed up the car and headed out for a five hour road trip to nevada to ryan's grandmas vacation house! the house was perfectly cozy and so beautiful! we spent our mornings eating breakfast on the patio, playing with trucks in the rocks, and having deep toddler conversations about lizards and all the fun adventures we'd be having that day.
we scoped out the local parks, explored the town, and ate ice cream before dinner. it was so nice to just relax for six days with our only worry being what time we'd go to the pool that day. i even slept almost seven hours straight one night. i can't even remember the last time that happened!
corb was a big fan of all the SUNSHINE too! 
we played hard and napped hard.  corbin loved the pool and learning how to swim around on his own.
and finished our days washing the dust, chlorine, and sunscreen off in the big jetted tub.
after six days at grammy's vacation house we headed back to los angeles with a stop in vegas for the night. we also took a road trip to st. george, utah one of the days that i'll have to make into it's own post! 
(so! many! pictures!)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

our family babymoon: california!

we kicked off our week long babymoon vacation with a flight into lax where we got our rental car and headed straight to in-n-out for burgers, fries, and shakes! corbin was a great flyer and was sad the plane didn't go faster at take-off!
after that delicious gut bomb we headed to downtown disney to kill a few hours before we could check into our hotel room. there were so many fun stores to wander around in and delicious ice cream to eat!
first things first when we checked into our hotel. JUMP ON THE BED!!
and after a long family nap we headed to the baseball stadium to cheer on our hometown baseball team, the mariners! 
we spent the next morning eating breakfast at starbucks and being lazy by the pool. 
it was absolutely perfect!
next up: our road trip to to mesquite, nevada with stops in st. george, utah and las vegas!

Friday, June 22, 2012

a day in the life of us.

i took these pictures over a month ago but never wrote the actual post out so now i don't remember all the cute little things he said or did this day (pregnancy PLUS mom brain is the worst) but i've been wanting to do one of these posts since the last one i did when corbin was six months old and now here it is two and a half years later! i'm SO on top of things i tell ya.
so mornings usually start between eight and nine am. we always snuggle in bed for a while before he gets up and usually heads to his monster trucks and i start making breakfast. this day we had yogurt, oatmeal, and fruit. i'm sure i downed my usual two pieces of honey toast and ate his leftovers too. 
(what? i'm eating for two!)
after breakfast we got ready, grabbed our plastic grocery bag collection to recycle, and headed off to run errands. today was a quick trip to target and then a little time to play at the mall playground after for being such a good boy while i accumulated a cart full of things i'm sure i couldn't live without at the time.
then it was off to meet daddy for lunch!! he got a new job a couple of days a week within the same company he works for now and is closer to home than normal so being able to have lunch with him will be a new, fun treat for all of us! when corbin saw his dad walk into the restaurant he let out the biggest scream of excitement and yelled for him to "come sit here dada!"
chipotle gets two thumbs up from corbin!
after lunch we headed to the grocery store. it's one of corbin's favorite places to go. he loves the free cookie from the bakery lady, driving the car shopping cart, and the peanut butter machine 
(even though it can be "too woud")!
on our way home corbin even saw a tractor plowing a field. because there were no cars behind me i stopped and let him watch it for a few minutes!
after the groceries were put away it was time for a nap. he's the snuggly-est! 
today was a little more exciting than a typical day in our life but up next was dinner at great grammy's with the family to celebrate her being home from her vacation house in nevada for the last few months! cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas, tacos! always a great time!
grammy even pulled out one of her necklaces and did the baby gender test on me. the necklace says "IT'S A GIRL!" haha we'll see...
then it was home for a bath, spider man jammies, teeth brushing, story time, and bed!

Friday, June 01, 2012

thirty weeks pregnant!

i was thinking about how i'd just go ahead and do one of these updates every ten weeks because that's the rate i seem to be going but OMG i'll more than likely have a baby by then!!

anyways! my most favorite thing about this stage of pregnancy is knowing how the baby is positioned and just what is poking out of my stomach. a couple weeks ago baby started having full on boxing lessons in my stomach and i just wanted to grab that tiny fist and hold it!! i think because i have already given birth to corbin and know what to expect i'm way more prepared and ready for this baby to be here already too. as much as i absolutely love it being just the three of us i see how much corbin loves other kids and can't wait for him to have a full time best friend to play with and always be there.

my only complaint (besides lack of sleep, always being uncomfortable, and having to pee every five minutes-haha) is the amount of weight i've put on this pregnancy. i know it's normal and you are supposed to but i feel like it's getting to an unhealthy level and my body is letting me know it's getting to be too much to handle. although i feel like i'm pretty active chasing corbin around and that i mostly eat healthy, i also never turn down a dessert or fatty starbucks drink! i'm at the same weight now as when i delivered corbin and i still have ten weeks to go! i do a really good job of not bringing junk food in our house but sometimes i just crave a bag of doritos and chocolate chip cookies!! and then i go ahead and just eat them all up. let's just all hope that i lose the pounds by breastfeeding as quickly as i did the last time around!

my midwife appointments have been going really well. at my twenty eight week appointment i passed the glucose test and had a rhogam shot (darn you wonky blood type!). i love not feeling rushed and having lots of time to talk with my midwife about whatever it is i have questions about. corbin was extra cute and funny at our last appointment chatting away with my midwife, holding my hand while we listened to baby's heartbeat, mimicking and laughing at the woman we could hear in labor in the next room, and telling me he drew his baby on the magna doodle in the office.
hopefully i update this again before the baby gets here! i know everyone says it but i seriously can not believe how fast the time is flying by. my nesting instinct is in full force organizing and washing all our gender neutral baby clothes and figuring out a way to fit another person into this tiny house!
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