Wednesday, May 09, 2012

our week in iphone photos {05.06.2012}

crazy is: ikea on an eat for free day! watching daddy mow the lawn while i make dinner.
getting his groove thang on! his huge eyeball! hahahaha!
fun morning at the children's museum with our friends!
our favorite haba ball roller! i love that he still loves to play with it! OB-sessed with this juice!!
even though his tractor has a reverse... driving home (on our private gravel road) from the mailbox.
nightly compost. snoozing the rainy friday morning away!
great gramps brought corbin a new plasma car! chaos and germs at the mall playground!
screaming and laughing at the hail! i wish i would have recorded it. 
taking a sudden interest in the potty after being afraid of it for a LONG time! free comic book day!
hanging out at the rhubarb festival at our local fruit stand. a rad old man band and planting pea seeds!
corbin: the professional food waster! family snuggles in our bed!


  1. I cannot even handle that picture of him dancing. Cannot.

  2. I agree - that picture is fantastic!

    I love the picture of him sleeping in, too. Makes me want to take a nap :)

    How are you feeling these days? When are you due?


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