Sunday, May 20, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [05.20.2012]

bringing beedee and nana mother's day flowers. "happy mudders day!" lunch at panera bread. mama's fave!
my first craigslist purchase and first buy for baby! bathing suit shopping for our sunny vacation!
naked baby pool party!! you're all invited!
we're going through a NO PANTS(!!) stage.
silly business.
the letters and numbers he knows. bedtime stories and belly kisses.
i could stare at him sleeping ALL THE TIME!!
silly face! "helping" me with laundry!
running to the mailbox. he starts singing every morning before he even opens his eyes.
thumbs up for lunch from the whole foods salad bar! pretending to drink my glucose test drink. 
morning bellies. running wild in the grocery store!!
these two cutie pies hung out all morning while i 
went to yard sales and scored this vintage gem for three bucks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

march of dimes walk!



TEN crocodiles almost bit his toes as he jumped from the couch to the ottoman! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [05.13.2012]

morning cuteness! he's the best garden helper!
late night (seven pm) menchie's run! riding his pedal tractor that was his daddy's!
corbin always says, "::gasp:: mommy wooks wike a pincess!" when i wear a dress!
swinging at the park!
i have THE cutest video of him talking to our friend's baby in the sweetest little voice. will upload soon!
sun drunk and riding home naked after playing in the lake all morning.
father and son sitting by the creek while corbin hears his dad's childhood stories about playing in it.
relaxing in the tub with wrinkly toes!
lunch with great grandma nana!!! and popcorn from beedee's work!!!
we had the funnest time with our friends poppy and emily at the park! 
topped off with iced coffee and car naps!
long day in the sun at our march of dimes walk. so proud of our team for being the second highest earning team! naked in the hot tub!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

our week in iphone photos {05.06.2012}

crazy is: ikea on an eat for free day! watching daddy mow the lawn while i make dinner.
getting his groove thang on! his huge eyeball! hahahaha!
fun morning at the children's museum with our friends!
our favorite haba ball roller! i love that he still loves to play with it! OB-sessed with this juice!!
even though his tractor has a reverse... driving home (on our private gravel road) from the mailbox.
nightly compost. snoozing the rainy friday morning away!
great gramps brought corbin a new plasma car! chaos and germs at the mall playground!
screaming and laughing at the hail! i wish i would have recorded it. 
taking a sudden interest in the potty after being afraid of it for a LONG time! free comic book day!
hanging out at the rhubarb festival at our local fruit stand. a rad old man band and planting pea seeds!
corbin: the professional food waster! family snuggles in our bed!
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