Sunday, April 29, 2012

puyallup spring fair!

when i first heard they were having monster truck rides at the spring fair this year i knew we had to take corbin! all week we watched videos online of other kids going on rides and he was really excited to go. but when the time came to actually ride one he was not havin' it. luckily for a two year old, just standing back and watching was enough excitement to make his day! rides pretty much went the same way. he liked them for a minute and then wanted to be done! (see photo below.) he was fine the second before i snapped this! haha to be fair it was an hour after nap time but it was nothing a belly full of fair scones couldn't cure.


  1. that photo of him screaming on the boat ride is amazing. we had a similar incident recently with a carousel. it was... unpleasant.

  2. What a cool dude in that last pic.


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