Tuesday, April 24, 2012

our week in iphone pictures {4.22.2012}

dancing to the drums and waving to cars at the daffodil parade!
normal spring saturday at lowe's and planting seeds for our garden!
toddler breakfast table. zoned out on a new episode of jake and the neverland pirates!
tiger woods ya'll. garden progress!!
rainy morning mess. "eye on da ball" face.
"mama, where are you?" obsessed with rolling pins!
library bffs. picked out and bought a toy with his own money!
wahoo! the produce stand by our house opened! so we made strawberry rhubarb crisp!
gymnastics! keep your paws off my cake pop!
helping papa pick up sticks. silly flash face while he laughs in his sleep.
eating raindrops. sliding is funny business!
when we first bought his high chair his feet didn't even dangle over the seat! new living room furniture!
dad went out with his friends for the night so corbin and i had a solo dinner and ice cream date!!
four hours of sleep. i wish makeup covered up bags like instagram filters do. 
first thing every morning: PANTS OFF!


  1. Haaaahaaaa!!!! I love the face he's making with that bat! And the last one? So freaking toddler!


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