Sunday, April 15, 2012

our week in iphone pictures [4.15.2012]

pretty much my favorite way to start our week. starbucks date in the sunshine and the library!
sunshine wears a kid out! how to give your mom a heart attack.
aaaaand just like that it's raining and we're bored and going crazy stuck inside the house!
bike rides and park playing before my monthly midwife appointment!
the caspar babypants concert at ikea was so packed so corbin shopped for swedish fish instead while we listened to the music. then it was off to round table pizza for lunch. yum!
he kept singing, "caspar babypants" to the tune of the veggie tales theme song while he sat down, then stood on his chair, jumped off, set his guitar down, and took a bow!
sandal weather makes me and my twenty two week baby bump happy!
the start of our family garden. doesn't want to wear the flower crown i made him!
last minute taxes and froyo to celebrate after!


  1. Cute!! And this looks like a great week!
    Except the 'how to give your mom a heart attack'! Oh!!

  2. i cannot get over his cuteness and curls!!! :)

  3. Sky does the exact same thing with his trucks on the floor. We LOVE Caspar! We go to the library to see him when he's in our neck of the woods - I heard about the Ikea visit, I wish we could have gone!


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