Wednesday, February 15, 2012

celebrating valentine's day!

any time i get an excuse to make a day more special for my family i will take it! corbin woke up with a red string tied to his bedroom door handle and had to follow it all around the house. it was cute watching him get the hang of it and find his way into daddy's computer room where his goodies were hiding! he was so excited to eat a chocolate and gummy worm before breakfast!
up next was a heart shaped breakfast! kiwi, bananas, pancakes, and bacon! then it was off to make heart shaped cake pops with corbin's valentine poppy! we stopped at the store on our way so he could pick her out an extra special valentine balloon!
and now if these next pictures don't make you die from the cuteness and you can still continue on reading then i will tell you all about how corbin and his friend poppy made the hugest cake pops on the planet and how they had the funnest time playing together all morning (when they weren't having sharing issues that is)!

after a long sugar high induced nap on the way home we spent a little time at nana's showing off his dora balloon and getting even more valentine's day presents! we definitely had a day full of love!

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  1. this is so cute! everyday should be a day to get valentines treats :)


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