Sunday, April 29, 2012

our week in iphone pictures {4.29.2012}

when the sun is out there is no time to come inside for snacks. perfect sunny day dinner!
going crazy on a sunday. home depot and kids eat free at taco del mar!
zonked out! farted in the tub!
playing by the lake...and later in the lake. wore out from a fun day. he's totally snoring!
my babies! brusha, brusha, brusha!
silly spot to watch toons. he woke up from his nap suddenly, grabbed his truck, asked for his coat and boots  on, and insisted we went outside. wonder what he was dreaming about...!
starts singing every morning before he even opens his eyes.
when did he turn sixteen!? playing in his room with the door closed!
biggest mistake of my life? taking a two year old to the mall during nap time. but COOKIES! snuggling.
homemade triple berry oatmeal. found a piece of mango i dropped on the floor and forgot to pick up and said, "i twied it and now i wike it! ew, a hair!" haha
someone doesn't care it's cloudy and raining. looking for bugs with his new magnifying glass!
awesome mail day! a vintage fisher price school days desk.
errand running with this cute kid! playing on the thrift store floor. ew!
"choo choo!" shopping at trader joe's!
he woke up in the morning and with the biggest smile on his face said, "peter pan came mama!" 
watering the garden!
tis the season for corn on the cob! absolute sweetest sleeper!

puyallup spring fair!

when i first heard they were having monster truck rides at the spring fair this year i knew we had to take corbin! all week we watched videos online of other kids going on rides and he was really excited to go. but when the time came to actually ride one he was not havin' it. luckily for a two year old, just standing back and watching was enough excitement to make his day! rides pretty much went the same way. he liked them for a minute and then wanted to be done! (see photo below.) he was fine the second before i snapped this! haha to be fair it was an hour after nap time but it was nothing a belly full of fair scones couldn't cure.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

our week in iphone pictures {4.22.2012}

dancing to the drums and waving to cars at the daffodil parade!
normal spring saturday at lowe's and planting seeds for our garden!
toddler breakfast table. zoned out on a new episode of jake and the neverland pirates!
tiger woods ya'll. garden progress!!
rainy morning mess. "eye on da ball" face.
"mama, where are you?" obsessed with rolling pins!
library bffs. picked out and bought a toy with his own money!
wahoo! the produce stand by our house opened! so we made strawberry rhubarb crisp!
gymnastics! keep your paws off my cake pop!
helping papa pick up sticks. silly flash face while he laughs in his sleep.
eating raindrops. sliding is funny business!
when we first bought his high chair his feet didn't even dangle over the seat! new living room furniture!
dad went out with his friends for the night so corbin and i had a solo dinner and ice cream date!!
four hours of sleep. i wish makeup covered up bags like instagram filters do. 
first thing every morning: PANTS OFF!
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