Saturday, March 31, 2012

nba and omsi!

ever since our sonics basketball team were stolen from us, errr i mean, sold to an evil man who said he wouldn't take our team away, err left town...ryan has wanted to head down to portland to go to a trailblazers game against the new oklahoma thunder team. even though it's been a few years we finally made after my oh so generous stepdad bought us all tickets! i whipped corbin up a felt sonics logo and sewed it onto a green shirt, ryan and i wore old sonics gear too, and we headed to the rose garden! it was fun seeing other sonics fans there and corbin was the cutest little fan in the arena. i was so surprised at how well he did too lasting the whole game and only needing to get up once to run loose in the corridor for five minutes where an old man even thought corbin was so cool he bought him his very own basketball! he now chants, "let's go blazers, let's go" whenever he plays basketball! 
the next day we all headed to omsi where corbin  had another fun-filled day checking out all the exhibits. his favorites were playing with the enormous amount of legos, the sand box, and every part of the science playground!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

happy spring!

for one day we were able to taste spring. t-shirts, soccer balls, sunshine, bbq! corbin loved it so much he now refuses to wear a jacket when we go out to play. now to just get all this rain, rain to go away so we can enjoy more soggy-less days outside!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

jump shot!

the kid LOVES basketball and i'm not sure if i'm biased but i think he's pretty freaking good at it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

oh yeah, i'm pregnant.

how sad that these are basically the only four pictures i have and i'm nearly twenty weeks pregnant!? and this is even the first post on my blog about it since announcing my pregnancy. but let me tell you why. i've been tired. like can't even keep my eyes open once my head hits the pillow putting corbin to bed tired! my midwife told me my iron levels are low and i can imagine that paired with the fact that i barely stopped nursing corbin before i got pregnant has my body all out of whack still. so i've been trying to eat as much iron rich food as i can possibly find that isn't chicken liver or fish (barf) in hopes of gaining some more energy!  

so where do i even start!? i felt baby move for the first time on march seventh! i always remember the feeling of corbin rolling around when my stomach was huge but i had forgotten what these first tiny little punches feel like. it's the best feeling! and i love being able to have ryan and corbin feel them too. and speaking of corbin, the world's soon to be best big brother ever, he is being just that. rubbing my stomach, helping put lotion on it,  talking about sharing and helping with his baby. it makes me so happy to hear now i'm not sure i'll be able to stand actually watching them together once the baby is here!! 

our ultrasound is right around the corner and even though we are not finding out the sex i'm so excited to see this little nugget rolling around in there. i'm really happy with the birth center we have chosen too. it's taken me a while to get used to their laid back, this is COMPLETELY natural thing and we don't need to send you home with gobs of paperwork about what to do and not do while pregnant approach. of course they are there for anything i need or any questions i have but the experience is definitely different then corbin's hospital midwife prenatal care.

aaaaaaand that's all my pregnancy/mom brain can think of right now.
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