Saturday, February 18, 2012

two and a half.

i cant believe i'll have to start telling old ladies at the grocery store and whoever else asks you are two AND A HALF! six short months and you will be a big brother AND a three year old!! as sad as i am to see you grow up, im more proud and happy to see you grow into a sweet, good natured, smart, independent, and funny kid! 
so far i haven't seen much of the terrible twos. you listen to me really well but are definitely set in your ways about certain things. 
you love music and singing and dancing, any sort of sports, smurfs, going to the grocery store (seriously, it's like your favorite thing), singing, being a breakdancing ninja, monster trucks, new adventures, big kids, playing basketball with daddy, peter pan, and being outside exploring.  
you don't care so much for change (like bedding or a different kind of diaper), EATING! (sometimes), and brushing your teeth.
favorite things you say: no way, watch this, dat's mine, wook at me,  go away, oh darn it, again instead of more, yes instead of yeah, dee-wish-ush (delicious), siwwy goose, boo-tiful, 2,1,8,9,10, meh, don't do that, boom shakalaka, be right back, ryan: do you know where you were born? corbin: juju's room!, i dohn wike it, cool cool, oh my goodness, i wanna do (insert something here) right now!, goodniiiight, dat's scusting (disgusting), i tried it and now i like it, and wake up. he says smart and hilarious things every single day that just make ryan and i look at each other in amazement or start busting up laughing. 

you're by far my absolute favorite two and a half year old on the whole planet!


  1. oh man he is such a sweetie!! i love his happy little face & all of his cute words!

  2. this makes me so excited to have kids!! so freakin cute!


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