Wednesday, January 25, 2012


it's been SO long since i actually posted anything on here! i'm so far behind that i decided i have to just start where i'm at and try and fill things in as i go!
last weekend we had our regular dusting of yearly snow. like usual none of us in the area were prepared or equipped to handle a foot of snow. but we thought things would be back to normal after a few days and our mini snow days vacation would be over. so we took advantage of the snow and played outside everyday. making families of snowmen and having snowball fights and exploring our neighborhood covered in the fluffy white snow!

but this year mother nature had other plans and threw an ice storm into the mix. literally everything was covered in a thick layer of ice. thursday morning we lost power because of it and thought we'd venture over to ryan's grammys house until it came back on since the roads seemed okay at the time and it was ryan's moms birthday so we didn't want her to be stuck in a cold house all day!! things escalated pretty quickly while packing the car up knowing there was a slight possibility we would be staying the night there. trees and branches were falling at a rapid pace all around our house. you could stand outside and listen to branch after branch snap and fall to the ground! we were thankful to have somewhere else to be at the time! so we ventured out on the roads and found that trees were falling everywhere along our road out of the valley. there are four ways out and each way we went we were trapped by fallen trees across the road. when we came upon one of the trees we saw cars driving under the tree laying on a wire, through someone's yard around the tree, and then under the wire again to the other side of the road and knew that was our only hope of getting out before the roads got icy again so we did it too!
we ended up staying four days at grammy's house. she was the most generous host and corbin had the best time having family constantly there to play with but we were all so excited to hear our power was back on sunday morning!!


  1. Hey Jill! New reader here : ) We are also in the PNW. Wasn't that weather just crazy?

  2. Crazy weather, but it looks like you had a great time (except for the roads). :)
    Corbin is such a cutie!

  3. Snowmageddon was insane! Our city sure does love to shut down! :)


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