Sunday, November 13, 2011

yo gabba gabba yooooooooo!

last night was awesommmmmmme! we sang. we danced. we laughed. i cried. corbin's mind was BLOWN! and im already counting down the days until yo gabba gabba comes back next year!! we kicked the evening off with dinner at bucca di beppo then headed to the paramount theater for the show!!
corbin was a pro at standing in front of the sign and posed there every time we walked by, even if someone else was standing at it having their picture taken! and was so sweet to give his plex doll a place to sit!

making plex dancey dance!

thirty seconds into the show? enter: tears rolling down my cheeks!!

hold stillllllllll.
we had a total blast and despite corbin's exhaustion (he hadn't napped and the show started at five pm) he pulled thru and would have made dj lance proud of his party skills! it's all he's talked about today! and if these too-cute-for-words pictures weren't enough, i'll leave you with corbin busting a move to "party in my tummy"!
thanks again nana and mimi for making our night so special and fun, fun, FUN!


  1. Jill! OMG. No words. Just. no. words.

  2. That video is so stinking cute!

  3. omg this post made me so happy!! like, i seriously am emotional!

  4. He's not scared of his shoes anymore!!! Yay!!!

    Love love love it! I'm so glad you guys had such an awesome time!!!

  5. he just melts my heart. i know i have told you this before, but he truly does. he is absolutely the cutest!!!!!
    when i read that you cried, it totally made me tear up.
    i dont have kids yet, but seeing all your photos of corbin make me smile. and to see how excited you were to take him, is precious. i cannot wait for the day when i can take my kids to events like this.

  6. I'm so emotional. Running off 3 hours of sleep...working a night shift...and tearing up watching Corbin shake his booty to YGG. I actually hate YGG and don't watch it with our little guy...but still!!! ;) Made me smile, thanks!


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