Sunday, November 06, 2011

weekly iphone pictures [10.30.2011]

morning lollipop cuz he's sad dada went to the seahawks game!
so mommy and me dance party it is!!
the awesomest mail day! halloween card from great grammy, new kicks from sweet jane vintage that won't even fit him until he's like five but OMG SONIC! I HAD TO HAVE THEM and they came in the cutest piece of packaging with a road and merry-go-round colored on it that i can just picture her little oliver driving trucks over like corbin did, lego club magazine we subscribed to free for a year thanks to coupon pro, and our invite into the sticker club (btw let me know in the comments if you're interested in joining us!).
getting albert einstein-y up in here.
being a genius makes me sleepy too.
i think i posted the fancy camera shot of this in my halloween post but holy cow was it the cutest moment!
trick or treatin'.
washing off the einstein 'stache.
snoozing after a long day of halloween fun!
one piece of candy with breakfast the day after halloween!
hugging dada's new video game!
puddle jumper!
paralyzed as the big kid bike passed!
playing on nana's couch. he loves to take the cushion off.
nana has the coolest vintage toys!
rough night sleep cured only by mama snuggles.
studying at the library.
playing on the trains at the train museum.
in the midst of having directv installed. for anyone wondering-so far, so good!
cousin jadie and aunt t brought over trophy cupcakes!!
concentrating candy sorter.
making pumpkin faces with our halloween costume party favor.
if you need us, we'll be on the bathroom floor playing trucks in the laundry sorter.
trader joes roasted red pepper and tomato soup and grilled cheese! NOM!
"i seepy mama"
this is what happened when i started singing. "too woud!"
i love how sugary sweet he is to his things.
raggedy old sweater i will probably wear every day until spring.
family dinner date at taco del mar.
and silly grocery shopping antics.
bubble bath.
silly toddler stuff.
waiting for the veteran's day parade to start.
thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
helping dad eat his cheese burger at herfy's for lunch!
leaf thrower!


  1. you guys always have the best weeks! He's so cute!Love his curls and how he's always so happy :)

  2. A train museum?! My kid would flip! And can you please send us some cupcakes immediately? Thank you.

  3. He looks so big in the last picture!!!! And I LOVE his Albert Einstein costume!

    I hope he gets a chance to see these pictures when he is grown - you guys have such a cute mama/son relationship!

  4. Cute pictures as always! Those shoes are awesome!


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