Saturday, November 12, 2011

wednesday with grammy!

wednesday is our typical library, donut/cookie date, park if it's not raining day and this week grammy got to tag along for the fun! she brought corbin his halloween treat that included two new pez dispensers to add to his collection! then we headed to the library where grammy chased him around and played while i checked out an arm load of books!
then we headed to our favorite small town bakery for lunch where corbin feasted on jelly packets and tiny half and halfs and washed it all down with a sprinkle cookie from the bakery!
after our bellies were full we had a little grocery shopping to do! my mom has always been a master of the win-a-stuffed-animal-with-a-claw game (is there a better name for it?!) and today was no exception! she won corbin three cute little stuffed animals in no time! and he even came home with TWO new pillow pets! 
grammy, you should spend more wednesdays with us! 


  1. Haha he is so sweet with him hugging his toy like that. Loved the post!

  2. he has a pez collection? i have a huge one, i should show him sometime :)


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