Tuesday, November 08, 2011

veteran's day parade!

our town had a big veteran's day celebration this weekend with the biggest veteran's day parade this side of the mississippi! i found that hard to believe until we watched for an hour, walked to a nearby burger joint to have lunch, walked back to the parade, watched it for another forty five minutes, and STILL left before it was over! it was extremely emotional watching men and women march down the road dressed in their uniforms holding flags and guns and not being able to begin to imagine what they have been through. watching grown men shake each other's hands while wiping tears from their eyes made my eyes well up with tears too. it makes me thankful to be able to look over at my family and know that we can all be together every day safe and sound. corbin caught on quick to wave hi and shout thank you to the passing veterans.
the parade kicked off with this airplane flying low over the street the parade was on!
drumming along with the band of daddy's head!
i'm pretty sure his favorite part was dancing to the many marching bands that passed!

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