Friday, November 04, 2011


there's been something extra cute/special/sweet about my little guy these past few days. i can't quite put my finger on it but i love seeing his personality and silly little boyness come out more and more. his talking cracks me up on a daily basis. this day in particular was the day after halloween so his choice of one piece of candy came standard with breakfast. when i asked him if he wanted to go pick a piece out he said, "no waaaaaay" thinking i was asking him if we ate candy with breakfast i think. after he dumped out the bucket and chose he told me, "green sucker, mama! mmm good!". later we took a trip to the small library near our house. its perfect for corbin to get his uhm, "independent energies" out while still being safe while i search for books since there is rarely another person even there!
after checking out an arm load of books we headed to a nearby bakery for a donut date complete with hat hair and a napkin bib. while chowing down on his vanilla frosted donut i asked him if he liked eating donuts and he replied by shaking his head yes and saying, "tank you mama". DEAD! i cant handle this kids use of manners sometimes!!! within walking distance from the bakery is a small train museum that i've noticed a few times driving by but the sun was shining and we had nowhere to be so we walked hand in hand to check it out. they are closed on wednesdays but we still were able to climb on the train and check out the other train pieces they have set up outside. every time i asked corbin to look at mommy and smile for a picture he did!
on our way home we quickly decided to stop at one of our favorite parks to play. the sun was shining and i know we're in for many rainy days so soaking up any amount of sun is our current mission, however cold it may be! corbin quickly became friends with an adorable five year old boy named axle who had a super cool skateboard he only ever rode on his knees on. he would show off, corbin would laugh. he would crash (on purpose), corbin would laugh. he was showing corbin how to do things like run up the ramp easier by holding the rails and which ramps were funner to slide down. corbin is still talking about the "kid" at the park.
i'm so thankful i have every moment of his life to watch with my own eyes. to guide him as he comes into whatever it is he wants to be. to always and forever be his biggest fighter and cheerleader. i'm so proud of who he is today and forever.


  1. Seriously, he's just too cool and too cute!

  2. your relationship with corbin makes me so excited to be a mama!
    you're such a great one and you really inspire me on a daily basis! : )

  3. he is like a little man I love it!! :) :)
    Carrying his cart to gather his books. Seriously, and I know I tell you often on IG, but he makes me so excited to have a kid. He is probably the coolest, funnest kid around :) :)

  4. So precious! Is there anything better than an adorable toddler with manners towards his/her mama? Ava may be working me over, but when she comes up and says "yollipop pease!", how can I resist?

  5. What a beautiful post!


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