Sunday, November 27, 2011

our week in iphone pictures [11.27.2011]

i started the week off switching from fatty coffee with loads of creamer to black tea with one packet of stevia and im already weaned off caffeine because i don't really like tea! it's SUCH a relief!
"wanna bite cookie right now mama pwease!"
my little (homemade ice cream in ten minutes) ice cream shaker!
sick guy coloring party.
hanging out in his new bed. (long story. floor bed was causing mold on the walls so we moved his crib from our room where it was attached to our bed to his room!) he loves it!
watching the rain.
"pitchah mama!"
oh yeah, this was me running errands alone (omg! that never happens!) with greasy hair rocking out to old skool mary j. blige!
he is OBSESSED with watching monsters inc. but thinks the opening scene is scary!
"wook! i put it in!" also? awesome outfit!
a very dr. suess evening.
sick on thanksgiving trying to get ready when i just wanted to be in bed.
he fell off his bed onto the mountain of soft things i layed down and kept on sleepin'!
he wore his shirt like that all morning. all. morning.
crazy cousin fun!
cousins and candy!
corb woke up saturday morning and he couldn't have been more cute, silly, or happier!
we built his new bookshelves while we waited for daddy to roll out of bed!
mom life.
santa beard!
hanging out in his new play tent area!
falling asleep holding my hand with both his hands. like every night.

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