Tuesday, November 22, 2011

our week in iphone pictures [11.20.2011]

lazy sunday.
lego car destruction!
popcorn crazy!
snuggling plex during his nap.
sorting cars according to color!
"i cooooold."
i spend two dollars every week for him to drive that car around for an hour and a half.
woah, super balancing toddler!
"lemme in!"
first (i think) toy from one of those machines!
bike fixer.
slapping yourself in the face is hilarious!
we now have to leave the house with an entourage.
boy stuff.
vids with cousin d.
silly face!
our thankful turkey thanksgiving day countdown is getting pretty feathery!
bike tricks!
bath jets.
"awe, huggin. mama dada."
"wook at meeee!" (see also: one of my favorite pictures of him!!)
watching his favorite movie at the moment, monsters inc.
normal two year old behavior. 
insert strange rawring noises here and lots of rolling around.
early morning.
looks like he got a good shot.
new ikea stuff!
i showed corbin this scrub brush and he got super excited and said, "TOOTHBRUSH!!".
enjoying a sweet pickle! mmm!

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