Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new bed!

corbin has been napping on a floor bed since he was about nine months old. we slowly got him comfortable sleeping in his room and then transitioned him to sleep there at night when he was about one and a half (i think). it's worked for us. we've kept his crib side-carred to our bed for nights when he wanted or needed to sleep with us. a couple weeks ago ryan was tucking corbin's sheets around his mattress on the floor and noticed mold along the wall where the mattress usually lays though. luckily i had just changed his sheets about a week before so i know it wasn't there for long. since we unfortunately don't have a money tree in our backyard we worked with what we had and moved corbin's crib to his room and left the side off. its funny he's never actually slept in that crib in it's normal way. there were a few days between us getting rid of the mattress (we were worried there might be mold IN it so we didn't want him sleeping on it anymore) and moving his crib to his room that he slept in our bed and i couldn't get enough of his sleepy face being there everytime i rolled over and opened my eyes and his king of mommy and daddy's bed naps!


  1. wyatt loved these pictures for some reason! maybe he could identify with corbin sleeping in a big boy bed!

  2. i love it! and i love that you did the fort with the tension rod - you're such a great mommy :)

    stella was horrible with a floor bed :( the second we put her big girl bed in she has slept werid!


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