Wednesday, November 02, 2011


halloween this year was loaded with fun! we started off the morning with pumpkin shaped toast and wormy jello (which corbin always requests but NEVER eats! silly kid.). after some lazy-in' around i realized i had four hours to get us both completely ready AND bake and decorate cupcakes for a halloween costume party we had that afternoon so we started on that. corbin was a great helper (he loves the "mixin" part) then played great by himself while i decorated them! nana even came over to keep him company for a while too!!
then i got corbin decked out in his halloween costume! is he the cutest albert einstein you've ever seen or what?! (i'm also excited to say it cost a grand total of ZERO DOLLARS!) and we were off to a halloween costume party hosted by miss poppy rainbow brite!
they are the cutest at sharing!!

corbin had SO MUCH FUN playing outside, eating yummy snacks, watching "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown", and hanging out with his pals!

when it got dark we headed home to pick up dad and go trick or treating!!! corbin got the hang of it quick and was so polite! people were letting him take piece after piece of candy while they admired his adorableness! and is this not the funniest picture ever?! running to the next house for more candy!!

"tick-o-teat!" and "tank youuu"
it even started raining at one point (which curled corbin's hair right back up!) but he said he wanted to keep going...and so we did.

after we hit up all the houses in the neighborhood we came home to trick or treat at nana's and mimi and papa's houses! it's a good thing mimi and papa only got one trick or treater cuz they were handing out blue-ray dvd's!!
he's got the einstein thing down to a t!


  1. oh man, crazy candy face at the end is so hilarious.

  2. squeee - i love it! what a great idea for a costume!

  3. oh MY gosh.
    i am literally over here almost dying over the running picture and the very last picture.
    SO great! hahah. i love little corbin. : )

  4. oh man, this is the cutest halloween post i've seen this year! although, i may be a *little* biased since i luff that lil' corbinator so dang much!

    seriously, thank you SO MUCH for sharing the holiday with us, and for poppy's gift and making the amazing cupcakes! you are the sweetest friend. i'm happy to know you!


  5. OH my goodness!!! He is to adorable! The perfect little einstein :-) I love looking at all your halloween pictures, the one of him and poppy riding their carts on the porch is just adorable :-)

    and mama your gorgeous :-)

  6. That last picture is hilarious! Best costume idea ever, it's so perfect. I love the cupcakes :)


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