Sunday, November 13, 2011


friday was a big palindrome fail! i heard people talking about this whole 11/11/11 thing for days. woke up this morning and kept looking at my clock to make sure i didn't miss it. even texted ryan FOUR minutes before reminding him it was only FOUR minutes away. next time i looked it was 11:16. fail. anyways this is how we spent the MOMENTOUS DAY!!
morning tents and after breakfast pez treats!
tractor hay wagon rides (he says) and reversed.
homemade felt turkey door wreaths and "nap time".
armpit snoozes and the most comfy way to watch, "a bugs life".
after bath burritos and trying to catch the late night 11:11 event but again failed miserably!  
i suppose there is always 12/12/12 next year...

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