Sunday, October 23, 2011

weekly iphone pictures [10.16.2011]

chalkboard coloring. practicing circles.
blue bath water is da bomb!
playing on the dirt hill with new tractors from mimi!
watching the fish swim up the creek to spawn.
swinging like a big kid is HILARIOUS!
favorite picture.
corbin loves playing in his room with the door closed now. i went to check on him after a few minutes and he was quietly playing with his trucks. a few minutes later i went back in (because the second i left he followed me and slammed the door closed) and that little booger took his diaper off and peed on his bed!
him in my glasses will never get old.
bedtime story: a light in the attic.
mommy's makeup.
yet ANOTHER trip to the pumpkin patch.
meet the newest member to our pumpkin family. circle pumpkin. carved by corbin with help from mommy!
costco boxes are fun, fun, FUN!
weekly trip to the library where we left with zero books because, well, i have a toddler.
then it was a trip to grammy's house with his bag of new tractors.
playing with cousin d and jaden!! his FAVORITES!
playing outside with dad.
brobee hugs before bed.
i love this kids laugh!!!
snack in the box. get it?! 
helping unload groceries.
"platadoe" is how corbin says play-doh and it's his new favorite activity!
singin' jingle bells in the tub.
this is what not going to bed looks like.
it's how we roll through target.
bustin' a move in tilt.
white tee. grey skinnies.
more box fun!
husky football saturday at mimi's house. complete with "wowwie-pops" and pretending to be tackled!

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  1. Fun! He's such a happy guy. Henry has been slamming his door in my face too and drools just as much when he eats suckers.


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