Wednesday, October 26, 2011

toilet paper roll pumpkin.

supplies: toilet paper roll, two pieces of orange construction paper, scraps of brown and green paper, tape, and (dirty kitchen) scissors.
this is such an easy and fun project to do with your toddler! you could make a bunch of them in different sizes too! all you do is wrap one piece of the orange construction paper around the toilet paper roll, tape, and cut off the extra at the top! then i cut the other piece of orange paper into nine long strips. corbin helped me count them as they fell off the tip of the scissors and then handed me them one by one as i taped one side of the strip into the inside of the roll.
then you just loop the other side around and tape them into the bottom. cut a cute little green leaf and a brown stem and viola! 
adorable little paper stripped pumpkin!
if you feel like giving it a gentle little hug after it's all done that's okay too! 


  1. i love it! isn't it the best when they get old enough to really participate and enjoy crafts like this? you have so much fun ahead of you!
    i seriously can't wait to see corbin in his costume!!

  2. So cute! Him hugging it is pretty adorable as well :)


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