Tuesday, October 04, 2011

seahawks sunday!

i was so happy to score a ticket to the seahawks game sunday! not really to watch the game but to watch my niece, jaden perform during the half time show! i pulled out all my favorite green and blue seahawks gear, triple checked for a full battery in my camera, and was on my way!
i had the best time having uninterrupted conversation with my sister and watching jaden dance her booty off for thousands of people! i had no idea the dance was a breast cancer and when they all formed the pink ribbon and breast cancer survivors started walking on the field i may have started crying! it was such a great experience to witness and for jaden to be a part of!
after my tears were dry we scarfed down some kidd valley garlic fries and enjoyed more of the game! and even stopped by u village for some delicious desserts while trying to find homecoming dresses for the girls afterwards!

[jaden and two of her bff's angela and nicole!]

1 comment:

  1. what a fun opportunity for her!
    that's so awesome. : )


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