Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patch with great grandma nana!

yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day! we knew we wanted to take nana to the pumpkin patch before halloween so we called and hoped she didn't have any plans! thirty minutes later she was snuggled in the backseat of our car with corbin and we were on our way! corbin loved showing her all around the patch! we rode the tractor hay ride, played with the bubbles, and explored every corner of the patch. corbin even met a sweet little friend named lucy in the corn box! and he's very much into older kids right now so he was copying them going down the slide backwards into the corn. i love seeing his silly personality come out more and more every day! after two hours and some hot chocolate (it was gorgeous but not warm!) we came home. i'm so happy corbin has his great grandma nana to go on adventures like this with!!


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