Sunday, October 16, 2011

our week in iphone pictures [10.09.2011]

birthday party at the pumpkin patch!! cupcake mustaches and riding john deere bikes! FUN!
computer cords as gas pumps.
freshly made pumpkin seeds. nom. nom. nom.
where's corbin? THERE HE IS!!!
sometimes you tell your mommy you want to go play cuz you're not even tired but half way off the bed you fall asleep...
"wheels on bus go round and round"
drum major.
racing to put his tractor in the garage after it started pouring rain on us!
see! caught in the rain hair!
carrot water. mmmmmm!
beans on a tray with a dump truck and front end loader = at least thirty minutes of entertainment!
finally figured out how to sit on his baby's high chair!
i told him to make a sad face and i got this!
"weeping mama"
regular ole wednesday. returning books at the library.
and a pumpkin cookie date!
followed by a trip to the park!
skater boy.
we've watched spookley the square pumpkin 4372589746959 times this last week.
corbin's halloween headquarters!
pumpkin patch playdate with poppy!! best pals riding the hay ride.
mesmorized by the tractors of course.
zonked out after a fun day at the patch!
he dumped those balls back and forth for at least twenty minutes!
can not believe he ate this whole bowl of brown rice noodles, steamed broccoli, carrots, and snap peas, and baked shredded chicken with a splash of sesame ginger dressing!!
"foofa. bo-bee. toodee. pex. muno."
night night stretchy.
tractor washes are becoming a daily thing around here.
watching the fish swim up the creek.
caterpillar power!!
eating the food he threw on the ground during lunch off the floor!! ew.
he has eaten NON STOP this week and is always in the fridge. growth spurt?
saturday night sparklers just because!!


  1. I love that it's so easy to tell what Corbin likes. Tractors. Food. Being adorable. Yo Gabba Gabba. I want to smoosh him.

  2. He makes me want a little boy :)

    Also, I wish my hair looked like that when I was rained on. Mine looks more like Corbin's (a look he rocks, but unfortunately I don't...)

  3. Peekaboo Corbin is ADORABLE!! Mason has recently started trying to "fly" on the swings too! Love those bath toys - he needs the foam wall Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys too. I totally predict him to be one heck of a skate park boy a few years down the road!


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