Tuesday, October 11, 2011

our week in iphone pictures [10.02.2011]

chillin' watching youtube vids on dad! 
washing his own self in the shower! BIG KID ALERT!
making his halloween costume party invitation into a skeleton airplane!
typical. smiles, boots, outside, apple.
playing pop tart hopscotch with his new pal at the grocery store!
weekly sleepy corbin pictures!!
posing for a picture with his homemade "bapple tree"!
"raining, pouring. old man noring."
bath time sillies!
sleepy boy who won't sleep.
too busy playing trucks to pay attention to bedtime stories!
the bestie moved to ballard so i went and helped her move. then we ate pizza. with all grown ups.
i'm kinda loving dark, fall mornings.
foot massages!
pumpkin snuggles. he asked for a blankie too!
they are turning EVERYTHING into a pillow pet these days!
story time at the library. except he didn't want to go in so we chilled and played and read books.
free cookie at the grocery store!!
clapping and saying, "yay mommy!" when i paid for gas at the pump!
supposed to be napping boy dancing with his baby instead.
maybe it's time he just gets a job driving one of these!
coloring his chicken. awesome.
yay for olive garden gift cards! we realized corbin LOVES salad!!
sleepy carseat mister.

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  1. His eyes are so gorgeous in that last pic (and always!) Such cute ones!


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